Leaves and Withdrawals

This is an archived copy of the 2016-2017 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://bulletin.iit.edu.

Leave of Absence

Degree-seeking students who intend to leave the university for one semester or more must complete the online leave of absence form in the MyIIT portal (my.iit.edu ) by selecting the Academics tab, followed by the Graduate Academic Affairs channel.  A leave of absence will not be granted for more than one year, at which time, a request for an extension of leave may be submitted by filing a Form 701 Graduate Student Petition . A leave of absence will not extend the time limit required for the completion of a degree. A leave will not be approved after the sixth week of the current semester. A student who has not renewed his or her leave of absence must petition for reinstatement to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. Degree-seeking students who do not plan to return to the program should submit a Withdrawal From the University Request, also located as noted above. Non-degree students are not required to file a Leave of Absence Form, but will require reinstatement by petition on Form G701 after a lapse in registration. Students should consult the procedures for filing a petition under the section Right of Appeal by Petition  in the Graduate Bulletin.

Note: International students must also receive a separate approval from the International Center. If an international student wishes not to enroll in a given term, the leave of absence must be approved by the International Center by the registration deadline of that term.



Degree-seeking graduate students who discontinue their studies without an official request for leave of absence may later be refused reinstatement or enrollment at the university.  Students with an unofficial interruption of studies must petition for reinstatement to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs using the Form G701 Graduate Student Petition . Students should contact the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs for additional information. Procedures for filing a petition may be found within the Right of Appeal by Petition section  of the Graduate Bulletin.

Withdrawal from the University

A student who wishes to withdraw should first consult his academic adviser. The adviser may be able to suggest resources or alternate solutions to the student's problems. An international student wishing to withdraw is required to consult the international student adviser in the International Center as well. For withdrawal, all graduate students must complete the electronic withdrawal form online in the MyIIT portal (my.iit.edu ) by selecting the option from the Graduate Academic Affairs channel. Withdrawal from the university is not complete until an official email is received by the student confirming its completion. International students will receive two separate emails: 1) confirming the international status and 2) the academic program withdrawal outcome.