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Full-Time Versus Part-Time Status

Full-time students are regular, matriculated students that meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Register for a minimum of nine credit hours per semester (six credit hours in summer).
  2. Hold university-approved fellowships, or teaching or research assistantships, regardless of the number of credits of registration. Additional restrictions may apply to International students enrolled for less than six credit hours. Consult the International Center.
  3. Are occupied with an academic activity that mandates an equivalent of full-time study, regardless of the number of credits of registration. (This privilege may be used in a limited number of occasions and requires the written consent of the faculty adviser and the endorsement of the Associate Dean of the Graduate College.)

Note: Full-time international students must fall into categories (1) or (2). International students enrolling less than full-time in the semester of graduation or falling into category (3) must file a petition (less than full-time eligibility) in the International Center by the registration deadline. In order for the nine credit hours of registration to be considered full-time, only one course may be audited. International students may only take one online course per term to count towards their full-time enrollment. The maximum study load for regular students is 15 credit hours per semester except by permission of the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. During the summer session, the normal study load is six credit hours.

Part-time students are those who do not fulfill any of the above criteria for full-time students.

Minimum Registration Requirements

Any graduate student who is using university facilities and/or faculty time must register for a minimum of one credit hour in fall, spring, and summer semesters. A student must be registered:

  1. During the semester of qualifying and comprehensive examinations
  2. During the semester of final thesis defense
  3. During the semester in which the degree is awarded

A graduate student who receives any type of stipend must meet the minimum registration requirements for the fall and spring semesters. Occasionally, students may need to complete an internship or thesis or dissertation fieldwork away from the university as part of their academic program; those students may petition to be considered full-time while conducting field research or completing an internship if they previously satisfied the university residency requirements. The full-time equivalent for such students is one credit hour. The Form G701 Graduate Student Petition must be endorsed by the student’s adviser and academic unit head, and forwarded to the Associate Dean of the Graduate College for approval.

An international student on F-1 or J-1 visa must register for nine credit hours throughout his/her studies at Illinois Institute of Technology, except in the last semester. In certain circumstances, including the last semester of enrollment, less-than-full-time is allowed with approval of the academic unit and International Center. If the student has an appointment as a TA or RA, he/she is allowed to reduce their registration to six credit hours. A less-than-full-time permission form has to be filed with the International Center in such cases.

Course Numbering

Course numbers 100–399 are primarily used for undergraduate courses. Courses 400–499 may be used for minor credit or as prerequisites when taken as part of an approved graduate program (see department requirements: a maximum of 12 credit hours of 400-level classes may be included). Courses numbered 500–799 are graduate level and are primarily for graduate students; the grade earned by graduate students must be a “C” or better.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available in the departmental sections of this bulletin and online in the MyIIT portal  ( under the Academics tab.

Registration for Fall and Spring Semesters

Specific procedures and regulations for registration are found each semester in the MyIIT portal  under the Academics tab. Please visit the academic calendar for publication dates for class schedules. Students who were admitted to, but did not attend, the university must be readmitted by the Office of Graduate Admission before they can register. Continuing students may register for classes through regular registration procedures online in the MyIIT portal . All graduate students registering for courses numbered 591, 594, 597, and 691 must receive written or online approval from their faculty adviser before registration. These registrations may be completed through web registration if an online permit is submitted by the course adviser/instructor.

For more information, visit the Office of the Registrar website at .

Registration for T.A. Seminar

All new teaching assistants are required to register for a zero-credit hour T.A. seminar (department’s course number 601) given every fall semester.

Registration for Continuation of Residence

Degree-seeking students in the final semester are allowed to register for one semester of non-credit, or a continuation of residence (course number 600), for a fee equivalent to one credit hour. The academic unit provides the permit for this course.

Students who have successfully completed the master’s thesis defense or doctoral oral defense may petition to register for GCS 600 for one credit hour, at a nominal charge. The permit for enrollment in this course is approved by the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs after confirmation of the defense result. Form G701 is used to request the GCS 600 permit.

IPRO Registration

Graduate students may serve as project leaders on an Interprofessional Project (IPRO). A student who wishes to do so must first consult his or her academic adviser and the project adviser. With the approval of both, the student should register for IPRO 597.

Change of Registration After Initial Registration

The term “change of registration” means adding a course (a “course” includes courses, projects or research courses/hours); dropping a course; shifting from one section to another in the same course; or changing the number of credit hours in a variable-credit course (e.g., research hours). A course may not be added or changed to another section after the second week of course instruction during the spring and fall semesters. Visit the academic calendar  for details.

The change of registration may be completed in the MyIIT portal in Banner Self Service. Students requiring assistance may contact the Office of the Registrar ( ). A course may be dropped during the first two weeks of the regular semester for refund or credit, and during the first week of the summer semester. A course may be withdrawn with no refund or credit between the third and the tenth week of the semester. No courses may be withdrawn after the withdrawal deadline; extenuating circumstances must be petitioned for review in the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. No registration change or withdrawal is official until the form is approved by the Office of the Registrar. Notifying the instructor or merely discontinuing course attendance is not sufficient for withdrawal. The date of the withdrawal form will be the official date of withdrawal. All billing inquiries related to registration changes may be referred to the One Stop ( , 312.567.3810). International students are required to remain full-time (i.e. carry nine credit hours of study) and may not change their registration to become part-time except in the semester of graduation. (Students should refer to the note under Minimum Registration Requirements .)

Undergraduates Registering for Graduate Courses

An undergraduate degree-seeking student who wishes to enroll in a graduate 500-level course must first obtain written approval from the course instructor and faculty adviser stating that the student is qualified. An undergraduate student registering for more than nine credit hours of graduate courses must also obtain written approval from the Associate Dean of the Graduate College. This approval must be presented prior to registration. An undergraduate non-degree student may be permitted to enroll in a graduate 500-level course in certain instances, but will require the permission of the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and the Associate Dean of the Graduate College. All undergraduate students who enroll in graduate courses are governed by the graduate grading system for those courses. Failure to obtain the appropriate approvals may prevent transfer of credits earned into graduate degree programs at the university. No credits approved toward the undergraduate degree requirements will transfer into any graduate program at the university without the required and relevant co-terminal program admission. Students should consult the rules for transfer of credit under the Transfer Credit section  of the Graduate Bulletin.

Note: Students admitted to co-terminal undergraduate and graduate studies should review the Synopsis of Co-Terminal Studies in the Graduate Bulletin.