Graduate Academic Affairs

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The Office of Graduate Academic Affairs (GAA) is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of graduate academic policies, the completion of academic standing reviews, degree audits and degree conferrals, communication with and counseling of graduate students, and the identification of campus resources, as appropriate to graduate student needs.

Services provided by this office include the review and approval of the graduate plan of study; request for transfer credit; change of degree and major; declaration or change of specialization, project and thesis option; approval of master of science and doctoral examination results; acceptance of the application for graduation, certification and award of the graduate degree; completion of the academic probation meeting; approval of an official leave of absence or official withdrawal from the university; and reinstatement of a former student to graduate study. Graduate Degree Works, the online degree audit system, and this bulletin are monitored and maintained by GAA.

Note: The Graduate College (GC) reviews and makes the final decision for the Graduate Student Petition (Form G701 or G709), the Academic Probation Contract (Form G702), and academic dismissal action. The college also provides both optional and mandatory thesis workshops, as well as preliminary and final thesis examination.