Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

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The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics requires the successful completion of 33 credit hours (11 courses). Part-time students can enroll for as few as one course per semester and can take up to five years to complete their degree. Full-time students are expected to enroll for at least three courses per semester and can complete their degree in two years. The program schedule allows flexibility to students who wish to accelerate their studies. For example, full-time students could graduate in roughly a year by starting in summer of year 1 and completing their program in summer year 2, but this requires careful planning.


Core Courses (24)
BUS 510Building an Innovative and Sustainable Business3
BUS 550Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage3
BUS 590Business Innovation in the Next Economy3
MAX 501Insights into the Next Economy Markets3
MAX 502Analytics for Decision Making3
MAX 503Marketing Research & Engg3
MAX 504Creating, Communicating, and Delivering Customer Value3
MAX 505Strategic Marketing Management3
Concentration (9)
Select 9 credit hours in Marketing Analytics or Marketing Communication9
Total Credit Hours33

Marketing Analytics Concentration

MAX 521Qualitative and Survey Research Methods in Business3
MAX 522Predictive Analytics3
MAX 523Social Media Marketing Analytics3

Marketing Communication Concentration

MAC 5113
Select a minimum of two courses from the following:6
MAC 512
MAC 513
MAC 514
MAC 515
MAC 516