Master of Engineering in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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This program is aimed at broadening student potential beyond the B.S., enhancing technical versatility and, in some instances, providing the opportunity for changes in career path. The master of engineering program is a course-only degree program and requires a minimum of 30 credit hours. There is no thesis or comprehensive examination requirement. The student, in consultation with his or her adviser, prepares a program of study that reflects individual needs and interests. The adviser, as well as the department’s graduate studies committee, the department chair, and the Graduate College must approve this program. Students working toward this degree are not eligible for departmental financial support.


Required Courses (9-10)
MMAE 501Engineering Analysis I3
Select one core course in major area of study (see below)3-4
Select a minimum of one course from the following:3
Finite Element Methods in Engineering3
Engineering Analysis II3
Computational Fluid Dynamics3
Advanced Finite Element Methods3
Design Optimization3
Computational Methods in Materials Science and Engineering3
Elective Courses (20-21)
Select 20-21 credit hours20-21

Minimum degree credits required: 30

Core Courses as Determined by Major Area of Study

Fluid Dynamics (4)
MMAE 510Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics4
Thermal Sciences (3)
MMAE 520Advanced Thermodynamics3
Solids and Structures (3)
MMAE 530Advanced Mechanics of Solids3
Dynamics and Controls (3)
MMAE 541Advanced Dynamics3
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (3)
MMAE 545Advanced CAD/CAM3

Students may choose from a list of courses specific to their area of interest to complete degree requirements. Up to 9 credit hours at the 400-level are allowed, assuming the courses were not required for an undergraduate degree. Up to 6 credit hours of accelerated (700-level) courses are allowed.