Master of Biology

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The professional Master of Biology is a course-only, professional master’s degree program designed for professionals who seek advanced and specialized study in the field without the requirement of a thesis or project.

This program is also available on the web, and at televised viewing sites throughout the Chicago area. Students should consult  for more information.


Students must pass the written comprehensive examination (see Departmental Graduate Examinations ) in their respective areas of specialization: biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, or microbiology. Students in biotechnology may choose any of the three examinations. 

Required Courses (9-10)
CHEM 513Statistics for Analytical Chemists3
COM 421Technical Communication3
or COM 523 Communicating Science
or SCI 522 Public Engagement for Scientists
SCI 511Project Management2-3
or INTM 511 Industrial Leadership
or BIOL 524 Science and Law: An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law and Patents
BIOL 595Biology Colloquium1
Specialization Courses (12)
Select 12 credit hours appropriate to specialization 112
Elective Courses (8-9)
Select 8-9 credit hours from the following courses:8-9
Medical Microbiology3
Concepts of Cancer Biology3
Human Physiology3
Laboratory Rotation3
Developmental Biology3
Immunology and Immunochemistry3
Advanced Microbiology3
Advanced Cell Biology3
Macromolecular Structure3
Current Topics in Functional Genomics3
Special Problems 21-3

Courses required for each specialization are listed below.


Student may be approved for special problems as appropriate.

Minimum degree credits required: 30




BIOL 504Biochemistry3
BIOL 512Advanced Biochemistry3
BIOL 515Molecular Biology3
BIOL 544Molecular Biology of Cells3
Total Credit Hours12


BIOL 504Biochemistry3
BIOL 515Molecular Biology3
BIOL 544Molecular Biology of Cells3
BIOL 562Current Topics in Functional Genomics3
Total Credit Hours12

Cell and Molecular Biology

BIOL 504Biochemistry3
BIOL 515Molecular Biology3
BIOL 526Developmental Biology3
BIOL 544Molecular Biology of Cells3
Total Credit Hours12


BIOL 504Biochemistry3
BIOL 515Molecular Biology3
BIOL 542Advanced Microbiology3
BIOL 544Molecular Biology of Cells3
Total Credit Hours12