Master of Science in Biology for the Health Professions

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Comprehensive examination

The purpose of this program is to accommodate the needs of students wishing to improve their qualifications for admission to health-related professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy by providing advanced training in biology leading to a master of science degree. The program is designed so that it is possible to take the program entirely online, either by full-time or part-time study. Students wishing to acquire advanced hands-on laboratory experience may do so by taking the suggested laboratory courses as electives.


The degree will require 32 credit hours, with 22 credit hours of required courses and the remainder elective courses. Up to 9 credit hours of electives may be 400-level coursework. No more than 9 credit hours may be non-biology courses.

Required Courses (22)
BIOL 504Biochemistry3
BIOL 515Molecular Biology3
BIOL 526Developmental Biology3
BIOL 527Immunology and Immunochemistry3
BIOL 530Human Physiology3
BIOL 542Advanced Microbiology3
BIOL 544Molecular Biology of Cells3
BIOL 595Biology Colloquium1
Elective Courses (10)
Select 10 credit hours10
Medical Microbiology3
Concepts of Cancer Biology3
Animal Physiology Laboratory3
Special Problems 11-3
Statistics for Analytical Chemists3
Technical Communication3
Verbal and Visual Communication3
Intercultural Communication3
Communicating Science3
Communication Law and Ethics3
Nutrition, Metabolism, and Health3
Medical Aspects of Disabling Conditions3
Social Bases of Behavior3
Public Engagement for Scientists3
Any 500-level biology course
Total Credit Hours32

Student may be approved for special problems as appropriate.