Master of Mathematics Education - Teacher Certification Option

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The Master of Mathematics Education (Teacher Certification Option) is designed for individuals who already possess a bachelor's degree (preferably in an area of mathematics) and wish to pursue both a teaching certification and a master's degree. This accelerated course of study allows the student to achieve certification and a master's degree in just 45 credit hours, instead of the 54 credit hours that would be required if certification and master's degree were pursued separately.


Required Courses (36)
MSED 300Instructional Methods/Strategies I3
MSED 400Instructional Methods/Strategies II3
MSED 450Professional Internship6
MSED 500Analysis of Classrooms II (Practicum and Seminar)3
MSED 501Advanced Strategies: Mathematics3
MSED 538Inquiry and Problem Solving3
MSED 540Informal Education Practicum3
MSED 550Clinical Supervision in Science/Mathematics3
MSED 552Assessment and Evaluation3
MSED 555Middle and Secondary Level Mathematics Curriculum3
MSED 580Adolescent Psychology3
Elective Courses (9)
Select 9 credit hours from graduate-level mathematics courses9
Total Credit Hours45