Credit by Examination

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Credit may be earned through the following examination procedures. Total credit from proficiency examinations and the College Level Examination Program may not exceed 18 credit hours. There is no limit for Advanced Placement (AP) credit.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

For these examinations, which are administered by the College Entrance Examination Board, Illinois Institute of Technology will award credit under the following conditions:

  • The CLEP examination and the score achieved meet the standards of the university department that offers courses in the area of the examination.
  • The CLEP examination is taken before the student enters the university.
  • Students must observe all rules of the College Level Examination Program regarding the taking of CLEP examinations.
NOTE: Previous acceptance of the examination by another institution does not imply acceptance by Illinois Institute of Technology.

Proficiency Examinations

Any student who believes that, through self-study or outside experience, he or she has gained the substantive equivalent of the content of a specific course may ask for an examination. With the approval of the chair of the department offering the course and the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, a proficiency examination will be administered. This is a graded exam and the letter grade will be entered on the permanent record. Proficiency examinations are not allowed for courses in which the student has previously enrolled and must be completed before a student’s final 45 credit hours of enrollment at the university. The Credit by Examination Form may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar and a per-credit-hour fee is charged for each examination.