Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Employer Engagement

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The Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Employer Engagement (IDE^2) serves as a catalyst to connect individuals and communities through shared learning and collaborative action in order to develop self-sustainable partnerships. These partnerships allow the university, community, and company stakeholders to research current trends, legislature, and practices that support co-creation, which is imperative to building cultural confidence and encouraging mutual respect.

Finally, we seek to pioneer, accelerate, incubate, and provide a safe place for new ventures and ideas to deliver breakthrough results for the students, staff, faculty, alumni, and stakeholders we serve in support of the Many Voices One Vision strategic plan of the university as articulated by the president and provost of the university.

The office is guided by five core values that shape our approach to diversity, inclusion, and employer engagement at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Core Values

Experiential and Reflective Learning

We are committed to supporting lifelong learning, which is best achieved through hands-on interaction coupled with intentional reflection. This practice provides an opportunity for students, scholars, companies, and community members to explore cultural practices and traditions, academic disciplines, and personal experiences. Through this process we also learn about our own values and strengths, deepening our ability to promote and take intentional action.

Collaboration and Commitment

We are committed to addressing the complex career challenges that our diverse student body is facing and progress can only be achieved through meeting the needs of scholars as an individual. Our work relies heavily on relationships with companies, community partners, students, staff, faculty, and alumni. These relationships take time to build and require continuous investment and renewal. We are committed to the process required for successful collaboration and seek to form communal partnerships to make long-term sustainable differences.

Shared Wisdom

We are committed to respecting imagination world-wide. Universal wisdom comes from lived experiences and everyone can serve in the role of teaching. We rely on a variety of shared wisdom to help us identify comfort zones, and we value our corporate and community partners as co-educators who support student learning in ways the classroom cannot.

Student Engagement

We are committed to enlightening and empowering students, so that they can take action. Students can use their honored position to serve others and contribute to broader movements for engagement. We value student passions, talents, ideas, and experiences and believe in their capacity to be successful change agents and leaders on and off campus.

Embrace and Drive Change

We are committed to servicing the diverse needs of everyone. Societal structures tend to privilege the majority and the powerful. Without the intentional actions of individuals, the needs of those with fewer resources are overlooked. We believe that there are enough resources to meet the basic needs of all, and to enable each person to live a full life with dignity. Illinois Institute of Technology has a responsibility to promote and introduce respectful and compatible career opportunities.

Signature Programs

  • Illumination Sessions
  • Orientation on Career Culture and Ethics
  • Diversity Career Connections
  • Diversity Research Scholars (DRS)
  • Veterans Legacy Career Assistance
  • Graduation Parent Pinning Reception


  • The Wild Formula
  • National Career Development Month