Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration provides a solid foundation in business fundamentals along with a basic grounding in science. Core business competencies include accounting, economics, statistics, finance, business law, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Students also take a specialization that allows them to develop a depth of knowledge in a business field or another field of their choosing. Currently available business specializations are in finance and marketing, while specializations outside of business can be developed to meet the special needs of a student.

Required Courses

Business Requirements (51)
BUS 100Introduction to Business3
BUS 102Computing Tools for Business Analysis3
BUS 211Measuring and Assessing Entity Financial Performance3
BUS 212Managerial Decision-Making and Control3
BUS 221Analytics for Informed Decision-Making3
BUS 301Designing and Structuring the Organization for Strategic Decision-Making3
BUS 305Contemporary Design of Business Processes and Business Models3
BUS 311Strategic Cost Management3
BUS 321Quantitative Models for Effective Decision-Making3
BUS 341Business Law for Entrepreneurs in the Modern Global Economy3
BUS 351Effective Financial Decision-Making3
BUS 361Entrepreneurial Thinking and Practice in a Complex Organization3
BUS 371Strategies for Reaching New Markets3
BUS 467Managing Entrepreneurial Enterprise and the Global Marketplace3
BUS 480Strategic Management and Design Thinking for the Next Economy3
ECON 151Making Strategic Decisions in the Marketplace3
ECON 152Understanding and Competing in the Global Marketplace3
Business Elective (3)
Select 3 credit hours of electives3
Specialization Courses (15)
Select 15 credit hours in an area of specialization15
Mathematics Requirements (5)
MATH 151Calculus I5
Natural Science and Engineering Requirements (11)
See IIT Core Curriculum, section D11
Humanities and Social Science Requirements (21)
See IIT Core Curriculum, sections B and C21
Computer Science Requirement (2)
CS 105Introduction to Computer Programming2
or CS 110 Computing Principles
Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) (6)
See IIT Core Curriculum, section E 16
Free Electives (12)
Select 12 credit hours of electives12
Total Credit Hours126

Strongly recommended that the first IPRO elective be IPRO 397.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Curriculum

Year 1
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BUS 1003BUS 1023
ECON 1513BUS 2213
MATH 1515ECON 1523
CS 1052Science Elective4
Humanities 200-level Course3Social Sciences Elective3
 16 16
Year 2
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BUS 2113BUS 2123
BUS 3013BUS 3413
Science Elective4BUS 3513
Science Elective3BUS 3713
Humanities or Social Sciences Elective3Humanities Elective (300+)3
 16 15
Year 3
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BUS 3113BUS 3053
BUS 3213Specialization Elective13
BUS 3613Specialization Elective13
Specialization Elective13IPRO Elective I23
Social Sciences Elective (300+)3Humanities Elective (300+)3
 15 15
Year 4
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BUS 4673BUS 4803
IPRO Elective II3Specialization Elective13
Business Elective3Free Elective3
Specialization Elective13Free Elective3
Social Sciences Elective (300+)3Free Elective3
Free Elective3 
 18 15
Total Credit Hours: 126

At least 15 semester hours in a designated specialization.


Strongly recommend this IPRO elective be IPRO 397.