Humanities (HUM)

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HUM 601
Teaching Assistant Seminar

Required of all teaching assistants at IIT, this course introduces students to classroom and course management issues, strategies, and ethics. In addition, students give classroom-lecture style presentations using basic instructional visual aids.

Lecture: 0 Lab: 0 Credits: 0
HUM 602
TA Seminar II

This course helps prepare teaching assistants for their duties. TAs read and discuss articles sensitizing them to issues attendant to effective teaching. They practice teaching skills and techniques needed as they relate to undergraduates in their specific disciplines.

Lecture: 2 Lab: 0 Credits: 0
HUM 610
Technology and Humanities Seminar

This seminar emphasizes professional skills and practices to aid students in completing their degrees and transitioning into professional careers, whether those are inside or outside the academy.

Lecture: 3 Lab: 0 Credits: 3