Co-Terminal Advising

Co-terminal students have a mandatory academic advising session with their co-terminal adviser during the first semester of co-terminal enrollment. The advising session is scheduled by the co-terminal student with the assigned co-terminal graduate program adviser. In order to ensure compliance, a Graduate Co-terminal Hold is placed on the student's registration. 

The adviser and student will review the Graduate Degree Works Worksheet and identify which courses can be shared between the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The adviser will also make recommendations about other non-shared courses for exclusive graduate program use. The student may also consider if some 500-level courses should be designated for exclusive undergraduate program use.

To declare the courses to be completed during the co-terminal program, the student should select the eForms tab in Graduate Degree Works and submit the Co-Terminal Shared and Non-Shared Credit form. The form must be fully approved by the co-terminal adviser, academic unit approver, and the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. The GC (Graduate Co-terminal) Shared Credit Hold will be lifted by the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs once the selected courses are fully approved to allow student registration.

Once approved, in progress-courses may not display in the student's Graduate Degree Works Worksheet. Once the course is completed, a graduate level is added to the course which allows the semester and cumulative graduate GPA to be calculated and the graduate transcript and degree audit to be created.

Students are expected to follow the approved courses from the eForms declaration; however, co-terminal students may request changes to their co-terminal non-shared and shared credit by filing an eForm Course Substitution and Exception request articulating the original approved course and the desired course replacement. Approval of a requested substitution is at the discretion of the co-terminal adviser and academic unit approver, with final approval by the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. As grades are entered each semester, all approved shared credits and all non-shared 500 level courses (not declared as exclusive for undergraduate program use) will be converted to a graduate-level.

Note: Beginning in the Fall 2018 term, continuing co-terminal students who have completed the plan of study requirement will have their co-terminal course information (completed and future), migrated to the new Co-Terminal Shared and Non-Shared Credit form.