Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering

The objective of the Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering program is to provide a unique avenue for the advanced study of the design, construction, and operation of buildings and their systems. Students can specialize in any relevant aspect of Architectural Engineering in which CAEE faculty members have expertise, which includes: building energy and environmental systems, structures, or construction engineering and management. Through state-of-the-art and original research, students are expected to achieve a high level of mastery in the study of buildings and their systems, which should be demonstrated by successful defense of their dissertation and the publication of novel research results in peer-reviewed academic journals. Students who earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering will be prepared for careers in both academia and industrial research and development. The program is intended for students with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in architectural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or other related disciplines.

Maximum Credits Required 84
Maximum 400-Level Credit 12
Maximum Transfer Credit 32
Master of Science transfer coursework (32)
Maximum amount eligible for transfer is 32 credit hours32
Ph.D. Coursework (16-28)
Select 16-28 credit hours of 500-level and above CAE, CS, ENVE, MATH, or MMAE courses. 116-28
Ph.D. Research (24-36)
CAE 691Research and Thesis Ph.D.24-36