Master of Chemical Engineering

Project option

The objective of this degree program is to prepare students for professional practice in the field of chemical engineering, and to provide a foundation in the fundamental knowledge of chemical engineering.

Candidates are required to take a total of 30 credit hours: 12 credit hours of core courses, three credit hours of a required professional course, and 15 credit hours of electives. Elective courses are to be determined in consultation with an academic adviser.


Core Courses (12)
CHE 406Transport Phenomena 13
CHE 503Thermodynamics 13
CHE 525Chemical Reaction Engineering 1,23
CHE 530Advanced Process Control 13
or CHE 535 Applctn Math Cheml Engrg
Professional Requirement (3)
CHE 506Entrepreneurship & IP Mgmt3
Elective Courses (15)
Select 15 credit hours15
Total Credit Hours30