Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing Track


Core Courses (12-14)
Select 12-14 credit hours from the following courses:12-14
Power Electronics4
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Drives4
Control Systems3
Applied Optimization Engrgs3
Product Design and Innovation3
Design Optimization3
Adv Manufacturing Engineering3
Comp Intgrted Manuf Technlgies3
Comp Intgrtd Manfctrng Systms3
Ststcl Quality Procs Control3
Digital Manufacturing Courses (9-10)
Select 9-10 credit hours from the following courses:9-10
Compt Vision Image Processing3
Robotic Motion Planning3
Intro to Digital Manufacturing3
Modern Control Systems3
Advanced CAD/CAM3
Elective Courses (6-9)
Select six to nine credit hours from the below courses:6-9
Special Projects1-9
Proj for Master of Engg Stud
Product Development3
Finite Elmnt Methods in Engrg3
Finite Element Methods II3
Computational Methods in MSE3

Minimum degree credits required: 30