Master of Chemistry

A minimum of 32 credit hours is required for the Master of Chemistry degree. A minimum of 20 credit hours of 500-level coursework is required with 15 credit hours required from the chemistry disciplines. A maximum of 12 credit hours of 400-level coursework may be used to fulfill graduate study requirements. Students seeking the Master of Chemistry degree must pass a written or oral comprehensive examination.


Required Courses (27-28)
CHEM 526Graduate Chemistry Laboratory3
CHEM 534Advanced Spectroscopic Methods4
CHEM 584Graduate Seminar in Chemistry1
CHEM 585Chemistry Colloquium1
CHEM 585Chemistry Colloquium1
Select a minimum of four core courses from the following:12
Advanced Organic Chemistry3
Survey of Analytical Chemistry3
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry3
Polymer Synthesis3
Chemical Bonding3
Select a minimum of two professional development courses from the following:5-6
Synths & Intellect Prop Mgmt2
Industrial Leadership3
Project Management3
Public Engagement Scientists3
Elective Courses (4-5)
Select four to five credit hours in consultation with adviser4-5

Minimum degree credits required: 32