Graduate Academic Affairs


Joseph Orgel, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs 
Jamshid Mohammadi, Dean of the Graduate College

The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs coordinates the programs of advanced study offered by the academic units of the university. The Dean of the Graduate College chairs the Graduate Studies Committee on behalf of and in cooperation with the Vice Provost.

The Office of Graduate Academic Affairs, headed by the Vice Provost, monitors academic progress, conducts academic standing reviews, completes preliminary and final academic audits, oversees degree certification and thesis examination, and enforces co-terminal and graduate studies policies. 

Thirty-eight separate Master of Science (M.S.) degrees, which typically include a thesis requirement, are offered. The professional Master's (MAS) and Master of Engineering (M.E.) degrees, which do not require a thesis, have fifty-three separate offerings. Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees are offered in twenty-two fields.