Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

The materials science and engineering program aims to develop an understanding of the structure, properties, processing, and service behavior of engineering materials, including metallic, ceramic, polymeric, and composite materials. This understanding fosters both development of new materials and improvement of existing materials in order to optimize manufactured products. Laboratory experience is an important part of the program and emphasizes microstructural characterization using modern analytical techniques, such as optical and electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction, materials processing, determination of the physical and mechanical behavior of materials, and materials and process selection.

Graduating students find employment opportunities in a wide range of industries requiring knowledge of materials development and/or optimization, processing, and selection.

Required Courses

Materials Engineering Requirements (46)
MMAE 100Introduction to the Profession3
MMAE 200Introduction to Mechanics3
MMAE 202Mechanics of Solids3
MMAE 232Design for Innovation3
MMAE 320Thermodynamics3
MMAE 365Structure and Properties of Materials I3
MMAE 370Materials Laboratory I3
MMAE 372Aerospace Materials Lab3
MMAE 373Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory4
MMAE 463Structure and Properties of Materials II3
MMAE 465Electrical, Magnetic, and Optical Properties of Materials3
MMAE 470Introduction to Polymer Science3
MMAE 472Advanced Aerospace Materials3
MMAE 476Materials Laboratory II3
MMAE 485Manufacturing Processes3
Materials Science Requirement (3)
MS 201Materials Science3
Mathematics Requirements (18)
MATH 151Calculus I5
MATH 152Calculus II5
MATH 251Multivariate and Vector Calculus4
MATH 252Introduction to Differential Equations4
Physics Requirements (11)
PHYS 123General Physics I: Mechanics4
PHYS 221General Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4
PHYS 224General Physics III for Engineers3
Chemistry Requirement (4)
CHEM 124Principles of Chemistry I with Laboratory4
Computer Science Requirement (2)
CS 104Introduction to Computer Programming for Engineers2
Technical Electives (9)
Select nine credit hours 19
Engineering Elective (3)
Select three credit hours 23
Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements (21)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, sections B and C21
Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) (6)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, section E6
Free Elective (3)
Select three credit hours3
Total Credit Hours126

Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering Curriculum

Year 1
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
MMAE 1003MS 2013
MATH 1515MATH 1525
CHEM 1244PHYS 1234
Humanities 200-level Course3CS 1042
 Social Sciences Elective3
 15 17
Year 2
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
MMAE 2003MMAE 2023
MMAE 2323MATH 2524
MATH 2514PHYS 2243
PHYS 2214Humanities Elective (300+)3
Humanities or Social Sciences Elective3Free Elective3
 17 16
Year 3
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
MMAE 3203MMAE 3723
MMAE 3653MMAE 4633
MMAE 3703MMAE 4653
MMAE 3734Technical Elective13
Social Sciences Elective (300+)3Humanities Elective (300+)3
 16 15
Year 4
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
MMAE 4703MMAE 4723
MMAE 4763IPRO Elective II3
MMAE 4853Technical Elective13
IPRO Elective I3Engineering Elective23
Technical Elective13Social Sciences Elective (300+)3
 15 15
Total Credit Hours: 126

This program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).