Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics

The astrophysics program is designed as an introduction to the physics governing planets, planetary systems, stars, galaxies, and cosmology/relativity as well as an introduction into observational techniques used in modern astrophysics. Graduates generally move on to jobs in government, universities, the private sector, or teaching positions in middle school and high school. Others continue on to obtain a master’s degree or a Ph.D.

Required Courses

Physics Requirements (43)
PHYS 100Intro to the Profession2
PHYS 123General Physics I: Mechanics4
PHYS 221General Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4
PHYS 223General Physics III4
PHYS 240Computational Science3
PHYS 301Mathematical Methods of Physics3
PHYS 304Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics3
PHYS 308Classical Mechanics I3
PHYS 309Classical Mechanics II3
PHYS 348Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers3
PHYS 405Fundamentals of Quantum Theory I3
PHYS 413Electromagnetism I3
PHYS 427Advanced Physics Laboratory I3
PHYS 485Physics Colloquium1
PHYS 485Physics Colloquium1
Astronomy Requirements (16)
PHYS 360Introduction to Astrophysics3
PHYS 361Observational Astrophysics4
PHYS 403Relativity3
PHYS 460Stellar Astrophysics3
PHYS 461Extragalactic Astrophysics3
Mathematics Requirements (18)
MATH 151Calculus I5
MATH 152Calculus II5
MATH 251Multivariate and Vector Calculus4
MATH 252Introduction to Differential Equations4
Chemistry Requirements (8)
CHEM 124Principles of Chemistry I with Laboratory4
CHEM 125Principles of Chemistry II with Laboratory4
Computer Science Requirement (2)
CS 105Introduction to Computer Programming2
Humanities and Social Science Requirements (21)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, sections B and C21
Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) (6)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, section E6
Free Electives (12)
Select 12 credit hours12
Total Credit Hours126

Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics Curriculum

Year 1
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
PHYS 1002PHYS 2214
PHYS 1234MATH 1525
MATH 1515CHEM 1254
CHEM 1244Humanities or Social Sciences Elective3
 15 16
Year 2
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
PHYS 2234PHYS 2403
MATH 2514PHYS 3483
CS 1052PHYS 3603
Humanities 200-level Course3MATH 2524
Social Sciences Elective3Humanities Elective (300+)3
 16 16
Year 3
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
PHYS 3013PHYS 3093
PHYS 3083PHYS 46023
PHYS 3614Free Elective3
PHYS 40513IPRO Elective I3
Social Sciences Elective (300+)3Social Sciences Elective (300+)3
 16 15
Year 4
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
PHYS 4133PHYS 3043
PHYS 4273PHYS 40323
PHYS 46123PHYS 4851
PHYS 4851IPRO Elective II3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Humanities Elective (300+)3Free Elective3
 16 16
Total Credit Hours: 126