Master of Chemistry in Analytical Chemistry

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The professional master’s program in analytical chemistry is a part-time program for working chemists seeking to strengthen their understanding of analytical chemistry. The specific goal of the program is to provide the student with a broad and in-depth understanding of state-of-the-art analytical techniques with a firm grounding in separation science, spectroscopy, method development, and sample preparation. In addition, students acquire professional skills in effective communication, statistics, and business principles. Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree (ideally in science or engineering) with at least one semester of calculus, one semester of calculus-based physical chemistry, one semester of analytical chemistry, and two semesters of organic chemistry. Candidates’ advisers assist them in determining if any further prerequisites are necessary. A final comprehensive exam is required for graduation. This program is also available via the internet. Students should consult for more information.


Required Courses (32-33)
CHEM 500Advanced Analytical Chemistry3
CHEM 501Capstone Project2
CHEM 505Spectroscopic Methods I3
CHEM 508Analytical Methods Development2
CHEM 509Physical Methods of Characterization3
CHEM 512Spectroscopic Methods II2
CHEM 513Statistics for Analytical Chemists3
CHEM 515Gas Chromatography -- Theory and Practice3
CHEM 516Liquid Chromatography -- Theory and Practice3
Select a minimum of one course from the following:2-3
Sampling and Sample Preparation3
Polymer Characterization and Analysis3
Analytical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Laboratories2
Colloids and Colloid Analysis2
Select a minimum of two courses from the following:6
Industrial Leadership3
Project Management3
Public Engagement for Scientists3
Total Credit Hours32-33