Graduate Thesis Manual

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This Thesis Manual is the result of the contributions of many IIT faculty and students. The original Thesis Manual was written in 1953 and revised several times over the last fifty years. I am pleased to present to you this thesis manual for your reference and use.  

This 2016 edition of the manual has been completely revised and provides you with information on the new requirements for thesis preparation, formatting and styles.  The manual has been carefully prepared and edited for accuracy and compliance with the Graduate College’s latest regulations and requirements for the preparation of a thesis.  The Graduate College welcomes your comments and suggestions for improving this document.  

I would like to sincerely acknowledge the work of Patty D. Johnson-Winston, PhD, Director of Academic Writing and Thesis Examiner, for preparing and editing this document and making it available on the web for your use.

Jamshid Mohammadi, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Graduate College
Illinois Institute of Technology