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An appendix is optional. If included, appendices should be used to present material that is supplementary, but not vital, to the understanding or interpretation of the main thesis. Included here is raw tabular data from which figures in the text were drawn, methods or preliminary preparations, pilot study results or data that might be useful to someone else, questionnaires, letters, copies of forms, proofs of propositions or theorems, descriptions of complex equipment, and photographs of displays.

An appendix is introduced with a half-title page (i.e., no chapter number), containing only the page number in the upper right corner and the word “APPENDIX” in capital letters, centered just above the middle of the page. If various types of appendix material are included, the sections must be denoted in all capital letters (i.e., APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B, etc.) on each half-title page. Appendix material is not usually assigned a title. If one section is titled, then all must be, and the titles should be included in the Table of Contents. The standard margins apply to appendices. The presentation should be consistent with the manner of presentation of the text. Complex appendices should be short, single-spaced, and condensed to show information content, not to present interpretations or conclusions. Figures are rarely included in an appendix.

Departmental Regulations

Individual departments may include statements regarding their departmental regulations on the preparation of the graduate thesis manuscripts. Such statements may be included in the Appendix. The departmental regulations cannot conflict with the regulations of the IIT Thesis Manual.