Degree Program Requirements

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A graduate degree will be awarded upon the completion of all degree requirements (including the required application for graduation by the deadline(s) published in the academic calendar), which may include pre-approved course exceptions. 

In order to ensure compliance with approved degree requirements, master’s and doctoral students must complete a required advising meeting with their academic adviser before completing nine credit hours of graduate study; doctoral students without a prior master’s degree will complete a required advising meeting before completing 18 credit hours. After these deadlines, further registration may not be allowed until the required advising meeting has occurred. A degree-seeking graduate student will be assigned to a preliminary adviser when admitted. An academic adviser will be officially assigned, by the academic unit or department, before the student’s required advising meeting can occur. The student may subsequently request a change of adviser by selection of the option in eForms for Graduate Degree Works.

Courses that appear in the fallthrough section of the Graduate Degree Works Worksheet may be considered, on an exceptional basis, by selection of the transfer credit and course substitution and exception option in eForms for Graduate Degree Works. Exception approval is granted at the discretion of the academic adviser, unit or department approver, and the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs.

Courses that appear in the insufficient section of the Graduate Degree Works Worksheet are not applicable to fulfill degree credit hour requirements, and failed course grades will impact the student’s cumulative and program grade point averages. Reconciliation of the program grade point average is completed in the semester of application for degree conferral (graduation).

A course with a failed grade may not be omitted from the degree audit. The course must be repeated subject to the policies published in the Repeating a Course section of this bulletin.

The student is encouraged to monitor the Graduate Degree Works Worksheet for the appearance of fallthrough or insufficient courses that may impact the completion of degree program requirements.