Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with Specialization in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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96 credit hours minimum
Comprehensive exam
Dissertation and oral defense

The Ph.D. program in industrial-organizational psychology includes coursework in both personnel and organizational psychology. Two semesters of internship in an organizational setting are required. Students in this program frequently are advised to supplement departmental offerings with selected courses in management or other related fields.


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Common Requirements

All Ph.D. students must complete the sequence of PSYC 501PSYC 502PSYC 503, and PSYC 504 with a minimum of “B” average and no more than one “C” in these four courses.

All students are expected to show competency in methodology and research design, as well as in the specific content of their program areas. Before beginning dissertation research, a student must present a dissertation proposal for approval by a committee of the faculty. The final requirement of the Ph.D. program is an oral examination restricted to defense of the dissertation and conducted by a committee nominated by the department and appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Specialization in Industrial and Organizational Psychology Requirements

Required Courses (39)
PSYC 501Biological Bases of Behavior3
PSYC 502Social Bases of Behavior3
PSYC 503Cognitive and Affective Bases3
PSYC 504Individual & Cultural Diffrncs3
PSYC 511Psychometric Theory3
PSYC 529Personnel Selection&Evaluation3
PSYC 545Graduate Statistics I3
PSYC 546Graduate Statistics II3
PSYC 554Survey:Multivariate Statistics3
PSYC 555Seminar in Industrial Training3
PSYC 556Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 558Industrial Psyc Internship I3
PSYC 559Industrial Psych Internship II3
Personnel Electives (6)
Select six credit hours from the following:6
Performance Appraisal Smr3
Personnel Selection3
Organizational Electives (6-9)
Select six to nine credit hours from the following:6-9
Organizatnl Attitudes/Bhvr Sem3
Occupational Health Psychology3
Seminar in Leadership3
I/O Electives (3-15)
Select 3-15 credit hours from the following:3-15
Legal Issues in Hmn Resrc Mgmt3
Structural Equation Modeling3
Graduate Psychology Seminar 13
General Electives (0-9)
Select zero to nine credit hours from the following:0-9
Multilevel Data Analysis1.5
Assessment Centers1.5
Orgnl Assesmnt & Planning1.5
Individual Assessment I/O Psyc1.5
Network Analysis1.5
Consulting Fundamentals1.5
Any 500-level MBA course 2
Master's Research Courses Applied to Elective Credit (0-8)
PSYC 591Research and Thesis M.S.0-8
Research Courses (24-32)
PSYC 691Research and Thesis Ph.D.24-32

 Minimum degree credits required: 96