English Language Services

This is an archived copy of the 2019-2020 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://bulletin.iit.edu.

The mission of English Language Services at Illinois Institute of Technology is to provide engaging English language instruction in a dynamic learning environment relevant to the academic and professional needs of non-native learners.

English Language Services offers several options for students to develop their language abilities. To view more information about the English Language Services department and what they offer, please visit english.iit.edu. English Language Services is accredited by CEA (the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation), and under the university through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), and is licensed to operate under the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

To view information about specific programs and courses, please visit the Language Courses section of this bulletin. Programs include:

  • Intensive English and Pathway Program
  • English Language Program (commonly referred to as PESL)
  • Professional Communication Advancement
  • English for Design

English Language Services also offers special programs/courses for visiting groups as well as individuals who want to study part-time. Contact us at els@iit.edu to find out more.

Supplemental English Language Courses

English language courses are not for academic credit and may be required as a condition of admission. English Language Services offers the following programs:

English Language Program

English Language Program courses, commonly referred to as PESL, are supplemental English language courses for undergraduate and graduate students. They provide a linguistic bridge for currently admitted international students who need improvement with the English language. Illinois Institute of Technology offers skill-­building courses in academic reading, listening, writing, and oral communication that develop linguistic as well as cultural competence. Courses in the English language program, when all of the skill­-building courses are taken concurrently, also serve as additional semesters for English­-only students continuing from the Intensive English Program. English language courses for graduate and undergraduate students begin with PESL 0##. Undergraduate course sections begin with U. English language courses beginning with ELP 8## are taken by students opting into supplemental English language courses that are not part of a degree program.

More information about English competency requirements is available in the Undergraduate Admission section and Graduate Admission section of the university bulletins. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the English competency requirements are available on the English Language Services website (appliedtech.iit.edu/english-language-services/faqs-assessments).

PESL 021Listening Enhancement I3
PESL 022Listening Enhancement II3
PESL 031Reading and Vocabulary Development I3
PESL 032Reading and Vocabulary Development II3
PESL 040Fundamentals of Academic Writing3
PESL 041Academic Writing I3
PESL 042Academic Writing II3
PESL 061Effective Communication I3
PESL 062Effective Communication II3
ELP 821Listening Enhancement I3.5
ELP 822Listening Enhancement II3.5
ELP 831Reading and Vocabulary Development I3.5
ELP 832Reading and Vocabulary Development II3.5
ELP 840Fundamentals of Academic Writing3.5
ELP 841Academic Writing I3.5
ELP 842Academic Writing II3.5
ELP 861Effective Communication I3.5
ELP 862Effective Communication II3.5
ELP 899Special Topics in English as a Second Language9

Professional Communication Advancement

Stuart School of Business partners with English Language Services to provide the Professional Communication Advancement (PCA) program for international students to receive a customized and targeted approach to communications skill-building. PCA is designed to help students achieve success during their time at Stuart and as they move into the job market and the global business environment. PCA offers a variety of half-semester courses, each targeting specific English-language or communications competencies. Students will take part in customized language advancement studies that meet their personal needs.

Learn more about the English competency requirements for Stuart School of Business graduate students in the Stuart School of Business section of the Graduate Bulletin. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Stuart School of Business English competency requirements are available on the English Language Services website (appliedtech.iit.edu/english-language-services/pca-faqs-assessments).

PCA 510Communication Essentials1.5
PCA 515Strategies for Effective Communication1.5
PCA 520Advanced Communication Skills1.5
PCA 525Advanced Presentation Skills1.5
PCA 530Writing for Academic and Professional Success I1.5
PCA 540Writing for Academic and Professional Success II1.5
PCA 550Writing for the U. S. Workplace1.5
PCA 570Advanced Strategies for Clear Communication1.5

English for Design

Institute of Design partners with English Language Services to offer a unique program of study that combines English for Specific Purpose instruction with graduate-level design education. The program is taught over two semesters concurrently with coursework in the Master of Design. Its goal is to help students from outside of the United States perfect their English fluency inside, and outside, of the classroom. In English + Design, students broaden their design vocabulary and increase their understanding of design in the U.S. Students in the English + Design program complete 18 additional credit hours of instruction while pursuing their design courses. This adds approximately one semester total to the standard Master of Design program.

Learn more about the English competency requirements for the Institute of Design in the Institute of Design section of the Graduate Bulletin.

IDN 461Design Reading and Writing Skills I3
IDN 462Design Listening and Presentation Skills3
IDN 463Cross-Cultural Communication I2
IDN 464Cross-Cultural Communication I Laboratory1
IDN 466Design Reading and Writing Skills II3
IDN 467Design Listening and Presentation Skills II3
IDN 468Cross-Cultural Communication II2
IDN 469Cross-Cultural Communication II Laboratory1

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Illinois Institute of Technology is designed to meet the personal, professional, and academic goals of international students. The program consists of the following:

  • Four levels of instruction, from high-beginning to advanced
  • Core skills: Listening/Speaking, Reading/Writing, Grammar
  • Elective courses: Test Prep (GRE Verbal, TOEFL), American Culture, and Pronunciation
  • 18 total hours of class per week = 18 credit hour equivalents (no credit toward degrees)
  • Classes meet daily Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Click here to view example schedule.
  • 15 students average in a class

Students accepted to the IEP will study English, meet new people from different countries and cultures, and will experience Chicago while preparing for their academic and professional careers. Experienced full-time and part-time instructors with graduate degrees assist students in achieving their language goals.

Please visit english.iit.edu/iep for more information.

IEP 021IEP Listening and Speaking Level I8.5
IEP 022IEP Listening and Speaking Level II6
IEP 023IEP Listening and Speaking Level III6
IEP 024IEP Listening and Speaking Level IV6
IEP 025IEP Listening and Speaking1-10
IEP 026Pronunciation3
IEP 028Advanced Pronunciation3
IEP 041IEP Reading and Writing Level I6
IEP 042IEP Reading and Writing Level II6
IEP 043IEP Reading and Writing Level III6
IEP 044IEP Reading and Writing Level IV6
IEP 045IEP Reading and Writing1-10
IEP 061IEP Grammar Level I3
IEP 062IEP Grammar Level II3
IEP 063IEP Grammar Level III3
IEP 064IEP Grammar Level IV3
IEP 065IEP Grammar4.3
IEP 071Introduction to United States Culture3
IEP 073United States Culture3
IEP 075TOEFL Preparation for IEP3
IEP 077GRE Preparation for IEP3
IEP 081English for Special Purposes1.9-4.9
IEP 082English for Special Purposes: Architecture1.9-4.9
IEP 083English for Special Purposes: Engineering1.9-4.9
IEP 096Independent Study and Special Projects21