Academic Honesty

Illinois Institute of Technology expects students to maintain high standards of academic integrity. Students preparing for the practice of a profession are expected to conform to a code of integrity and ethical standards commensurate with the high expectations that society places upon the practitioners of a learned profession. No student may seek to gain an unfair advantage over another. It shall be a violation of this code for students to engage in conduct that violates the standards of their major academic discipline, the standards of the academic discipline in which they are engaged, the standards of a profession in which they are training, or the standards of the university set forth here. It is a violation for a matriculated or non-matriculated student, whether or not currently enrolled in the university, to knowingly engage or attempt to engage in:

  1. The misrepresentation of any work submitted for credit or otherwise as the product of a student’s sole independent effort, such as using the ideas of others without attribution and other forms of plagiarism;
  2. The use of any unauthorized assistance in taking quizzes, tests or examinations;
  3. The acquisition, without permission, of tests, answer sheets, problem solutions or other academic material when such material has been withheld from distribution by the instructor;
  4. Deliberate and harmful obstruction of the studies, research or academic work of any member of the Illinois Tech community;
  5. Making a material misrepresentation in any submission to or through any office of Illinois Tech to a potential employer, agency, professional society, meeting, or organization, which includes, without limitation, any unauthorized access to Illinois Tech’s digital or electronic systems for the purposes of altering or seeking to alter or submitting or seeking to submit false, misleading or inaccurate information; or
  6. The intentional assistance of others in the violation of the standards set forth in this Code of Academic Honesty.

Refer to the Student Handbook for specific details regarding disciplinary action and appeal procedures

Note: Students in the Chicago-Kent College of Law are subject to the Chicago-Kent College of Law Code of Conduct.