Accelerated Graduate Courses

An accelerated course is a graduate-level course offered in a two-week (14-day) or shorter duration of time, and satisfies the lecture contact-time standard of fifteen 50-minute class sessions per semester credit hour, excluding final exam time. These are topical courses that should be no more than three credit hours. A new accelerated course is subject to the normal departmental review as for a regular new graduate course. Approval is required by the department curriculum committee, the academic unit head, and the Dean of the Graduate College. No more than six credit hours of accelerated courses may be included in a master's degree program. Accelerated courses can be selectively included in a Ph.D. program at the rate of six credit hours per 32 course credit hours, and their inclusion is subject to the approval of the adviser, academic unit head, and the Office of Academic Affairs.

Students must register for the accelerated course before the first class session in order to receive credit for the course.