Master of Technological Entrepreneurship

The objective of the Master of Technological Entrepreneurship program is to train prospective entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who intend to start, build, and manage businesses and business initiatives that leverage technological innovation to generate competitive advantage.


To earn a Master of Technological Entrepreneurship, students must successfully complete 30 credit hours consisting of 18-21 credit hours of core courses and 9-12 credit hours of elective courses.

Core Courses (18-21)
Select one of the following 2 courses: 3
Strategy & Innovation3
Social Entrepreneurship3
Select 15-18 credits from the following list:15-18
Intro to Design Thinking3
MTE Capstone9-12
New Technology Ventures3
Elective Courses (9-12)
Select 9-12 credits from a wide variety of graduate level courses (500 and above, unless approved otherwise) available by approval of the Adviser and/or Program Director. 19-12

   Total Credits Required                                                                                                                                                 30


Up to 9 credits of graduate coursework (500 and above, unless approved otherwise) are allowed as shared courses per the AMP rules with approval of the student's adviser and the MTE program director prior to registration.