Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

The Master of Business Administration requires the successful completion of at least 36 semester credits (12 courses). Part-time students enroll in two courses per semester (and over the summers) to complete the program in two years. The program schedule allows flexibility to students who wish to accelerate their studies. For example, full-time students may graduate in roughly one year by taking more courses each semester and attending school during the summers—but this requires careful planning.

Master of Business Administration Curriculum

BUS 510Strategy & Innovation3
MBA 501Financial Statement Applicatio3
MBA 504Analytics for Decision Making3
MBA 505Microeconomics and Game Theory3
MBA 506Leadership and Organization De3
MBA 509Financial Management3
MBA 511Marketing Strategy3
MBA 513Operations & Tech Management3
MBA 590Digital Transformation3
Choose any 3 courses9
The General Manager3
Negotiations & Strat Dec Mkng3
Artificial Intelligence3
Internet of Things3
Global Business Strategy3

Minimum degree credits required: 36