Master of Design/Master of Business Administration


48 Institute of Design credit hours
30 Stuart School of Business credit hours

The program director or academic adviser will develop a curriculum plan when the student begins the dual-degree program. Students select a series of courses from the available studios and lectures to meet the objectives of the student’s professional goals. Students select from the same pool of elective classes as found under the Master of Design description.

Typically, students will reduce the overall credit requirements of typical individual degree programs because M.B.A. will double count six M.Des. credit hours towards general electives and six credit hours towards the design leadership concentration, and M.Des. will double count six M.B.A. credit hours towards M.Des. electives. The program director may make exceptions to this plan depending upon the student’s individual situation.

Required Courses (44.5)
Institute of Design courses
IDN 508Principles and Methods of User Research3
IDN 556Strategic Communication1.5
IDN 571Systems and Systems Theory in Design1.5
IDX 508Modes of Human Experience1.5
IDX 542Analysis + Synthesis in Design3
IDX 550Building and Understanding Context3
Please choose from one below:4
Communication Systems4
Embodied Design4
Digital Media4
Stuart School of Business courses
BUS 510Strategic Management3
MBA 501Financial Statement Applications3
MBA 504Analytics for Decision Making3
MBA 505Microeconomics and Game Theory3
MBA 506Leadership and Organization Design3
MBA 509Financial Management 3
MBA 511Marketing Strategy3
MBA 513Operations and Technology Management3
MBA 590Digital Transformation3
Elective Courses (33.5)
Select 30.5 credit hours from any 500-level or 600-level IDN or IDX non-required course. Up to 12 credit hours may be chosen from IDN 475 - IDN 497, provided that those courses are not also applied as program prerequisites.30.5
Select three credit hours from Stuart School of Business3
Total Credit Hours78

ESP + Design Courses

These courses are corequisite for students who require additional fluency in English and design-specific vocabulary.

IDN 461Advanced Reading and Writing for Design I3
IDN 462Advanced Listening and Presentation in Design I3
IDN 466Advanced Reading and Writing in Design II3
IDN 467Advanced Listening and Presentation in Design II3
Total Credit Hours12

Foundation Courses

These courses are prerequisite for students without an undergraduate degree in industrial or communication design and must be completed prior to proceeding with any other M.Des. requirements.

Select a minimum of 15 credit hours from the following:15
Introduction to Design Practice3
Introduction to Visual Communication4
Introduction to Objects & Artifacts4
Introduction to Photography4
Introduction to Interaction4
Total Credit Hours15

Elective Courses

Students select a series of courses to meet their professional goals in consultation with their adviser. Courses may be chosen from any 500-level or 600-level IDN or IDX non-required course, and up to 12 credit hours from the 400-level Foundation courses (IDN 481-IDN 497), provided that those courses are not also applied as program prerequisites. Students select from the same pool of elective classes as found under the Master of Design description. Up to six credit hours may be taken outside of ID with the approval of the student's adviser.