Master of Design Methods

The Master of Design Methods (M.D.M.) is a nine-month full-time (or four to six semesters part-time) executive master’s degree for exceptional design, management, engineering, and other professionals who wish to acquire robust design methods and frameworks and apply them to the development of products, communications, services, and systems. M.D.M. courses cover design methods and frameworks in areas such as user observation and research; prototyping of new services, products, and businesses; creating systems of innovation; visualizing alternative futures; and linking user innovation to organizational strategy.


The M.D.M. can be taken in two semesters (full-time) with a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester or over four to six semesters (part-time), with a minimum of three credit hours each semester.


All students must meet with their academic advisers at least once a semester during their program of study. Each meeting should be scheduled prior to course registration for the following semester. All incoming students are assigned an adviser at the time of admission. All students can change their adviser at any time through an eForms petition. 

If the required advising meeting is not completed in a particular semester, an academic hold will be placed on the student's record preventing any course registration for the following semester. The hold cannot be removed until the student has completed the advising meeting. Please see the Director of Student Success with any questions or if your assigned adviser is not available. 


Required Courses (9)
IDN 504Introduction to Observing Users3
IDN 530Innovation Frontiers1.5
IDX 508Modes of Human Experience1.5
IDX 542Analysis + Synthesis in Design3
Elective Courses (21)
Select 21 credit hours 121
Total Credit Hours30

Students select a series of courses from the available studios and lectures to meet the objectives of the student's professional goals. Choices will be made in consultation with the student's adviser and will count for at least 21 credit hours of the program. Students select from the same pool of elective classes as found under the Master of Design description.