Certificate in Pharmaceutical Engineering

This program develops, expands, and refines skills to advance the technology of prescription drug development and manufacturing. Fundamentals of pharmaceutical engineering, drug delivery systems, and regulatory issues are presented.

Gainful Employment Disclosure for Certificate in Pharmaceutical Engineering


A minimum of four courses (12 credit hours) are required for this certificate.

Required Courses (12)
CHE 583Pharmaceutical Engineering3
CHE 585Drug Delivery3
Select 6 credit hours from the following courses:6
Molecular Biology3
Biotechnology for Engineers3
Introduction to Medical Device3
Statistical Tools Engineers3
Transport Phenomena3
Entrepreneurship & IP Mgmt3
Process Dsgn Optimization3
Process Analytical Technology3
Tech for Treatment of Diabetes3
Chemical Reaction Engineering3
Applctn Math Cheml Engrg3
Polymerization Reaction Engrg3
Metabolic Engineering3
Ststcl Qlty Process Control3
Bioprocess Engineering3
Intfcl Clldl Phnmna Applctn3
Good Manufacturing Practices3
Nano Manufacturing3
Solidification & Crystal Grwth3
Total Credit Hours12