Master of Engineering in Wireless Communications and Computer Networks

Wireless communications and computer networks are a rapid-growing field which requires state-of-the-art engineering skills including wireless network protocols and standards, energy-efficient networking, modeling and performance analysis of distributed and mobile network computing, and cognitive radio networks. In this program, students will be exposed to the core of network communications, gain latest applied computer network techniques including data security and privacy, ability to design embedded system architecture for wireless communication systems and applications, and fundamentals of wireless radio communications and signal analysis.

Minimum Credits Required 30
Maximum 400-Level Credit 12
Minimum 500-Level+ Credit 18
Maximum 700-Level Credit 4
Maximum Transfer Credit 9
Core Courses (12-13)
Select minimum 4 courses12-13
Digital & Data Comm Systems3
Commctn Engrg Fundamentals
Intro to Computer Ntwks4
Intro Comp Ntwks with Lab
Wireless Ntwrk Protocols/Stand3
Wireless and Mobile Networks
Communication Electronics3
RF Integrated Circuit Design
5G Wireless Network3
Wireless Comm Systm Design
Communication Elective (3-4)
Select minimum 1 course from the following:3-4
Digital & Data Comm Systems3
Wireless Communications System3
Wireless Comm Systm Design
Microwave Circuits and Systems3-4
Microwave Crct&Systs w/Lab
5G Wireless Network3
Analysis Random Signals3
Commctn Engrg Fundamentals3
Digital Commctn Principles3
Modern Digital Communications3
Coding Distributed Storage Sys3
Coding Reliable Communications3
Info Theory and Applications3
Computer Networks Elective (3-4)
Select minimum 1 course from the following:3-4
Intro Comp Ntwks with Lab3-4
Intro to Computer Ntwks
Wireless Ntwrk Protocols/Stand3
Comm Netwrks Performance Analy3
Computer Network Security3
Wireless and Mobile Networks3
Modern Internet Tech3
Communication Electronics Elective (3-4)
Select minimum 1 course from the following:3-4
Communication Electronics3
Microwave Circuits and Systems3
Microwave Crct&Systs w/Lab
Anlys Dsgn Intgrtd Circuits3
RF Integrated Circuit Design3
Fiber Optic Communication Syst3
Antenna Theory3
Microwave Theory3
CAD of Analog IC3
Computer and Embedded Computing Elective (3-4)
Select minimum 1 course from the following:3-4
Smart & Connected Embedded Sys4
IoT and Cyber Physical Systems3
Computer Cyber Security3
Application Software Design3
VLSI Archs Sgnl Prcs Commnctns3
Computer Org and Design3
Hardwr Security & Adv Comp Arc3
Hardware Software Codesign3
Object-Oriented Program & ML3
Electrical and Computer Engineering Elective (6-10)
Select 2 to 3 courses from the following:6-10
Intro to VLSI Design4
AI and Edge Computing3
Advncd VLSI Systems Dsgn3
AI in Smart Grid3
Compt Vision Image Processing3
Machine and Deep Learning3
Digital Signal Processing II3