Technology Services

OTS Support Desk: 312.567.3375

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) supports Illinois Institute of Technology’s primary technology systems, including administrative systems, the portal, Banner, and the network and telephone infrastructures. OTS also supports the HAWKi mobile application, which was developed in partnership with the Student Government Association who provided their input in the design, content selection, and naming of the app. With HAWKi, many useful resources are available at students’ fingertips; students can: (1) view course assignments, class rosters, grades, discussions, class announcements, and updates; (2) view their course schedules and sync them with their mobile devices’ calendars; (3) check out the latest events happening on campus; (4) schedule appointments with tutors and peer mentors; and much more! To assist students during the pandemic and moving forward, the app now includes links to computer recommendations and network speed tests. The app will continue to change and grow to reflect students’ needs and desires. 

OTS maintains approximately 648 workstations in its classrooms, labs, and public terminals throughout the Mies, Conviser Law Center, Rice, and Moffett Campuses, including an online Virtual Computer Lab, which enables students to schedule an ad hoc connection to the most frequently used academic lab software from their own devices, including laptops and tablets, at any time, from any location. To ensure that students have access to equipment that supports their academic goals, OTS offers laptops and MiFi-devices for checkout through the Galvin Library Circulation Desk. Additionally, the computers in the classrooms and labs are refreshed on a regular basis. OTS also supports remote printing from personal laptops/desktops and mobile devices to printing release stations located in various computer labs and public areas. Additional information about these services is available on the OTS website

OTS manages the myIIT portal (, which provides a personalized Student Dashboard, including, but not limited to:  financial aid and registration information; a student profile; a quick view of curriculum, credit hours, GPA, HawkCard balance, and more; and graduation information.  All Illinois Institute of Technology students receive an email address integrated into their Google Workspace for Education account, which is accessed via the portal. Google Workspace also includes collaboration tools such as Docs, Sheets, Forms, Meet, Chat, Sites, Groups, and more.

In response to COVID-19 and continuing as part of the university's regular operation, OTS has deployed and supports a full range of classroom technologies, from basic A/V to fully hybrid classrooms, which are designed to allow for both synchronous participation from in-person classroom attendees together with remote online student participation, leveraging Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom as a platform, both of which are available on the myIIT portal. The classroom activities are recorded for asynchronous viewing, providing our students with the ability to review content at a later time. Course material is available through Blackboard, IIT's course management system, wherein instructors post lectures, notes, assignments, and other course information.   

The university provides Internet access through its wired and wireless networks. Most campus buildings have wired Internet access and secured wireless Internet access is available campus-wide. Visit the OTS website to view the university’s current Wi-Fi networks, which cover 100% of the occupied and used space, and a majority of the open space, on campus. Instructions for connecting to the Internet through the university network, including how to configure and register each of your personal devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.), are also available on the OTS website.

The OTS Support Desk is the central point of contact for technology support at the university. Support Desk staff provide technical troubleshooting, account management, and configuration assistance for all students, faculty, and staff. A request for technical support may be submitted by opening a ticket via email at or by calling the Support Desk at 312.567.3375 (on campus x7DESK).

Visit the OTS website for the most up-to-date information and useful details about the university's technology.