Institute of Design

Anijo Mathew
Interim Dean 
3137 S. Federal St.
Chicago, IL  60616

Since its founding as the New Bauhaus in 1937, the Institute of Design has grown into the largest full-time graduate-only design program in the U.S. with students from around the world. The school offers a professional Master of Design degree program with areas of study in communication design, interaction design, product design, strategic design, systems thinking, and user research; a dual Master of Design/M.B.A. or a dual Master of Design/M.PUPA. degree program in partnership with the Stuart School of Business; the Master of Design Methods, a nine-month program for mid-career professionals; and a Ph.D. in Design. The Institute of Design created the country's first Ph.D. design program in 1991.

Minor in Human-Centered Design

Required courses (choose a minimum of 6 credits)

ID 410 Introduction to Design Processes (3crs)
ID 420 Fundamentals of Design (3crs)

IPRO 497Interprofessional Project3

Domain-specific electives (choose a minimum of 6 credits**)

BME 419Intro Design Concepts in BME2
BME 420Design Concepts in BME3
HUM 371Fundamentals of Game Design3
HUM 372Interactive Storytelling3
ITMD 361Fund of Web Development3
ITMD 362Human-Computer Interaction3
MMAE 232Design for Innovation3
MMAE 445Computer-Aided Design3

**Courses in colleges outside of the Institute of Design (ID) may have additional prerequisites or limitations on enrollment. Some 4th-year students may be able to enroll in 500 level courses at ID on a case by case basis as assessed by ID faculty.