Minor in Pre-Medical Studies

The minor in premedical studies is intended for those students who plan to apply to medical school and has been approved by the Premedical Advisory Committee. The minor includes courses that satisfy the prerequisite coursework of most medical schools, cover the majority of topics on the MCAT and other entrance examinations, and courses designed to increase the competitiveness of a student's application.

Students may complete courses on this list as part of their major, core curriculum, or free electives. Regardless of where each course fits into a student's curriculum, any student who completes all of these courses (or substitutes approved by the Premedical Advisory Committee) will be credited as having received this minor.

Required Courses

BIOL 107General Biology Lectures3
BIOL 109General Biology Laboratory1-2
or BME 405 Physiology Laboratory
BIOL 115Human Biology3
BIOL 117Human Biology Laboratory1
BIOL 214Genetics3
Select one of the following:4-6
Introductory Biochemistry
and Metabolic Biochemistry
Select one of the following:3
Human Physiology3
Cell Biology 13
Quantitative Physiology3
CHEM 124Principles of Chemistry I with Laboratory4
CHEM 125Principles of Chemistry II with Laboratory4
CHEM 237Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 239Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 240Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
MATH 151Calculus I5
MATH 152Calculus II5
Choose one of the following statistics courses:3-4
Biomedical Engineering Applications of Statistics3
Business Statistics3
Statistical Tools for Engineers3
Probability and Statistics for Electrical and Computer Engineers3
Statistical Methods3
Probability and Statistics3
Undergraduate Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences4
PHYS 123General Physics I: Mechanics4
PHYS 221General Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4
Humanities 200-level course3
Choose one of the following ethics courses:3
Science and Values3
Topics in Philosophy (Bioethics)3
Choose one of the following communication courses:3
Introduction to Linguistics3
Structure of Modern English3
History of the English Language3
Technical Communication 23
Verbal and Visual Communication 23
Intercultural Communication 13
SOC 200Introduction to Sociology 13
or SOC 203
PSYC 221Introduction to Psychological Science3
Choose one of the following psychology courses:3
Introduction to Psychopathology3
Social Psychology3
Health Psychology3
Neural and Biological Bases of Behavior 1, 23
Choose one of the following PS or SSCI courses:3
Comparative Public Policy3
Global Health3
Comparative Health Systems3
Social Inequality3
Total Credit Hours77-81

Indicates the preferred course.


Indicates courses in which students must petition to allow them to count for the core curriculum requirements.