Minor in Game Studies and Design

Required Courses

The minor in Game Studies and Design provides students with theoretical, historical, and applied knowledge in the production and study of games. The minor is relevant to students interested in pursuing careers in and around the games industry and is also relevant for those interested in careers in experience and interaction design, human computer interaction, and related areas.

GSAD Foundations (9)
HIST 373History of Video Games3
HUM 371Fundamentals of Game Design3
HUM 372Interactive Storytelling3
Technical Proficiency (3)
Select a minimum of one course. Additional courses recommended.3
Data Structures and Algorithms3
Computer Graphics3
Database Organization3
Mobile Applications Development3
Artificial Intelligence Language Understanding3
Theoretical Proficiency (3)
Select a minimum of one course from the following:3
Human Motivation and Emotion3
Learning Theory3
Cognitive Science3
Total Credit Hours15