Minor in Global Studies

Required Courses

Select a minimum of two courses from the following humanities courses:6
World Englishes3
Intercultural Communication3
Latin America: 1810-Present3
Women in Latin American History3
Latin American History Through Film3
Twentieth Century Europe: 1890-19453
Select a minimum of three courses from the following social sciences courses: 19
International Relations3
Democracy, Dictatorship, and Development3
Comparative Public Policy3
Environmental Politics and Policy3
Global Political Economy3
Government and Politics in Africa3
East Asian Political Economy3
Politics of Europe3
Politics of Latin America3
International Law and Organizations3
Global Chicago3
Global Health3
Comparative Health Systems3
Problems of Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Religious States3
Global Migration3
International Development3

For the social sciences courses, two courses must be at the 300-level. Social sciences courses should also be chosen from at least two fields, and at least six credit hours must be in a single field. Students can take two SSCI courses and one PS course, or two PS courses and one SSCI course, but cannot take three SSCI courses.

Additional courses, including rotating topics courses, may be approved by the humanities or social sciences associate chairs.