A minor consists of at least five courses (minimum of 15 credit hours), of which at least four courses (minimum 12 credit hours) are not required for a degree program. Since a minor provides a coherent set of ideas, concepts, and educational experiences in a variety of areas, students may find that a minor will enhance potential for professional development. Students who choose a minor are encouraged to consult with the minor adviser. Students who take the standard core curriculum's distribution of courses may apply them toward the requirements of any approved minor.

Note: Not all minors are applicable to all majors. Please contact Academic Affairs to determine if a minor is applicable to your major.


Available only to materials science engineering or mechanical engineering majors.


Available only to aerospace engineering or materials science engineering majors.


Not available to architecture majors. 


Not available to computer engineering, electrical engineering, or biomedical engineering (neural engineering track) majors.


Available only to aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering majors. 


Not available to materials science majors.


Not available to CAEE majors. 


Not available to STAT majors.