Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Website: iit.edu/ugaa

Dr. Joseph Orgel, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs falls under the leadership of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Dr. Joseph Orgel. As vice provost, Dr. Orgel is responsible for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Graduate Academic Affairs, the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the Empowerment, Leadership and Mentorship Program, and the main campus Designated Dean of Academic Discipline. The services provided by the offices overseen by Dr. Orgel enhance the educational experience of Illinois Tech students.

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs, including Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UGAA), provides a variety of academic support services for all undergraduate students from the time of admission to graduation. These services include academic advising; evaluating transfer credits from international schools; conducting academic program audits; assessing student petitions; reviewing course repeats for a grade exclusion; processing change of major; monitoring academic progress; overseeing academic standing reviews; certifying student’s eligibility for degree conferral; and, granting an official leave of absence or an official withdrawal from the university. In addition, this office reinstates former undergraduate students to the university and maintains the official academic files for all undergraduate students. In partnership with the offices of the ARC, student life, and the ELM program, this office also assists in the mentorship and professional preparation of students. Degree Works, the online degree audit system, is monitored and maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs.