Master of Intellectual Property Management and Markets


No thesis is required, but there is a capstone/project course requirement (two credit hours). This course is an experiential learning opportunity that integrates the students’ newly acquired knowledge, experiences, and expertise. Students will create a global intellectual property strategy and plan for a company.

Required Courses (24)
IPMM 500Context/Introduction and Protecting IP4
IPMM 501Managing the Creative Process3
IPMM 502IAM Methodologies and IP Assessment3
IPMM 503Acquiring IP3
IPMM 504IP and Business Strategy3
IPMM 505Global IP Management3
IPMM 506Maximizing IP Value3
IPMM 507Capstone2
Elective Courses (6)
Select six credit hours from any of the disciplines.6
Total Credit Hours30