Master of Science in Biology with Specialization in Biochemistry

32-34 credit hours

The rigorous curriculum of our MS in Biochemistry specialization program allows the students to gain a firm foundation in the field of biochemistry, both in biological theory and experimentation, and to pursue a choice of many career paths after graduation.


Required Courses (21)
BIOL 501Graduate Laboratory Techniques2
BIOL 504Biochemistry3
BIOL 512Advanced Biochemistry3
BIOL 515Molecular Biology3
BIOL 533Advanced Graduate Laboratory Techniques3
BIOL 544Molecular Biology of Cells3
BIOL 555Macromolecular Structure3
or CHEM 505 Spectroscopic Methods I
BIOL 595Biology Colloquium1
Research Course Requirements (6)
Select one of the following options:6
Option 1
Select one additional elective
Option 2
Research Techniques in the Biological Sciences I
and Research Techniques in Biological Sciences II
Option 3
Research and Thesis M.S.6
Elective Courses (5-6)
Select five to six credit hours5-6
Any 500-level biology course
Medical Microbiology3
Advanced Human Genetics3
Concepts of Cancer Biology3
Human Physiology3
Special Problems 11-3
Total Credit Hours32-33

 Student may be approved for special problems as appropriate.

Other requirements are identical to those described previously for all M.S. students in biology.